If you have any class photos you would like to display
- and maybe find out who everyone is -
please send them to me and I will see what I can do with them

Year of '41
Year of '58
Year of '62
Year of '63
'63 again
Summer '62
Autumn '65
Summer '66


Year of 1941 - Howard House
when the school had been evacuated to Ballachulish due to the War.

Back Row:
Celia Hedley, Lavinia Stephens?, Thetis Blacker?, Patricia Patten?

2nd from Back:
Anne Wauchope, Gill Pendred, Angela Carton-Kelly, Anne Pendred (Twin)

Middle Row:
Josephine Day (House Captain), Miss Wynn Cornish ( House Mistress), -- ?

2nd from Front:
Eileen Ponsonby, Lesbia Johnson, Clare Foden-Pattinson

Front Row:
Pamela Critchley, Pamela Wood, Barbara Walker

Year of 1941 - Study Circle
at Ballachulish

Back Row:
Ann Drage?, Joan Whaley, Pat Andrews-Levinge

Second from back:
Lavinia -?, Pru Heywood, Pamela Tate, Torfreda Boosey

Second from front :
Josephine Day, Jan Palmer, --?, Philippa Ford

Front Row:
--?, --?

Can anyone fill in the blanks of the above?
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Pru Heywood?

Year of '58
(The year of leaving, if you had made it to the Study Circle.........)

This photo was taken on a school trip to Salisbury Cathedral and Stonehenge, probably 1955 or 1956. With help from Liz Morphy (sitting right in front), here are who we think you are: Back row (left to right): Carol Watts, MaryRose Bates, Anita Walter, Sue Hemsworth, Julia Brown, Robin Mason, Judy Day, Fiona, Goaty. Next Row: Rita Middleton, Marion, Christine Hyde (remember the Ford Airforce Base?), Froggy, Jacky Cadman, Jackie Odhams (?), Julia Taylor. Next Row: Valerie Harty, Julia Styles, Sandra Bright, Miss Shearan, Mary Lenham, Faerie Rahnema, Judy McCormack, Deidre Guthrie. Next Row: Vicky Maitland, Philippa Thompson, Maris Ross, Jo Green, Miss Meyer, Mrs Isles (?), Nick Bartman, Margaret Gillespie, Judy Campbell, and Liz Morphy in front.

If you think any of these are wrong - please get in touch

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Year of '62 ?

Back Row (l to r):

Sandra Rhama,
Sarah Shaw,
Paula Samell,
Lynn Campbell,
Jill Lyons,
Sylvia Hayes

Middle Row:
Christie Mowinkle,
Patricia (Pooke) Marx,
Francine Clarke

Front Row:
Ginny Rhodes,
Ricky Pugh,
Vanessa Lorenz
Carolyn Miller


(Photo supplied by:
Anne Benedict)

Anne Benedict (left) & friend.

Pauline Griller on one of the horses from the school stables

Photos supplied by:
Anne Benedict

Year of '63 ?

Back Row, left to right:
Pat Fosh. Lyn Campbell, Marilyn Kay, Lisa Pitman, Caroline Ryton, Roslyn Hamen, Guggi Ernst, Gill Breeze, Susie Stanton, Topper Gardham, Carolyn Esson. Viv Reed, Tania Stafford, Libby Cowell, Tina Whittome, Linda Khadouri, Suki Wright, Jo Harrap and Caroline Jones.

Front row, left to right:
Sue Thorpe, Janice Coulton, Henny Halstead, Coral Pomroy, Julie Cook, Nutty Wooding, Syliva Edgar, Mary Andrade, Judy Daniell, Janet Panton, Jane Major, Liz Bellamy
and lying down: Diana Walsh.

Are either Anne Wilson or Tegs Lindsey in the picture and where is Vinna Lane? Any offers, some of the faces were obscured, so if you can correct any, please do so.

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Suki Wright helped fill in the missing names?

1963 again ?
(Again if you had made it to the Study Circle, before leaving....)
At a guess from one of you - this was taken in 1961

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In the doorway: Lynne Campbell, Obscured, Mary Andrade, Pat Bellman, Chris Farqueson

Next Row:Janet Panton, Tegs Lindsey, Judy Daniell, Vinna Lane
Standing: Jo Harrap.

Next Row: Pat Fosh, Henny Halstead, Sue Thorpe, Carolyn Essen, Julie Cook

Bottom two: Toppa Gardam, Tina Whittome

Summer 1962 - but "Year of '64"
(And again, the year of leaving, if we you had made it to the Study Circle) ................

Summer Term 1962 - taken by Kip Hughes
L-R, Back Row: Sue Leece, Trixi Aldred, Sue Russell, Frankie Dolphin, Yenny Miller, Val Woods, Liz Seigal, Liz Davenport, Karen Bruckmann,
Liz Edgell, Janie Shuttleworth, Diana Williams.
Front Row: Ginny Wise, Wendy Palmer, Ginny Garner, Feona Bardwell, Joey Benedict, Rosemary Hitchcock, Mary Webb, Fruma Green,
Maureen Barron-Sullivan, Caroline Horton

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September 1965 - but "Year of 1966"

This group photo was sent by Pam Levison, taken at their 5th Form Treat on Climping beach in September 1965 and some of the names that she remembers are: Jillian Pocock, Janet Dirs, Miss de Frosterus, Jill Swyers, Pam Pye, Susan Wade (Swade), Joey Whimster, Jill Covingham, Amanda Beck, Carmel Colgan, Dinah Culliford, Adronie Gaul, Julia (?), Margaret Thompson (Topsy), Clare Elias, Yvonne (from Jersey), Lucy Leveson, Bridget Sherlock (Biddy), Mary Scott, Sue Genders, Jennifer Narizzano (Mouse), Fairlie Keppel, Sheila Morris, Anne Shilton. (However, they are not necessarily standing in that order....anyone help us?)

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Summer of 1966

Can anyone send me the names of these girls?

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