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Letter from Pamela Critchley (1940-47)

Hello Janet,

I have just stumbled upon your wonderful website and spent the whole afternoon totally absorbed, living old memories and remembering faces. It was lovely to see the unmistakeable photos of Miss Le Sage (Lardy) and also Joyce Allen, who taught me piano from the age of 10. Unfortunately I could not recognise any of the others - it is more years than I care to think about that I last saw them, and It is sad to think that now so many of them have died. Life is indeed short.

I first went to TP in January 1940 and when the school was taken over by the army, went with them to Aldworth House, near Haslemere (Tennyson's old house), then to Park Hatch near Godalming, and finally to Ballachulish where we took over the Ballachulish Hotel.

Unfortunately in December 1941 Miss Le Sage decided to close down the school "for the duration". This, I believe was because of some difficulties about an English school being in the Scottish eduction system.

About seven of us (including Jill Bennet, the actress) went to Prior's Field in Godalming. Typically Miss Le Sage came there to visit "her girls" - and to cheer us up!

When Tortington opened its doors again in 1946, I had finished my "school cert" and was set to do a secretarial course. I therefore opted to go back to TP and do the course in the Green Study Circle. There were several of us going back for the second time - Pru Heywood I remember was the Secretary, Pam Wood was Head Girl and I became Games Captain. Several of the old staff also returned. (Miss Bevan, Miss Callaghnan, Miss Allen, Miss Wynn Cornish, to name but a few.)

I am totally out of touch with everyone I am afraid, but would love to hear more news. I still have the old school prospectus, both pre-war and post war.

It was always an extremely happy school. Your web site has opened up the flood gates of memories. Does anyone else remember having to learn the names of ALL the paintings in the Oak Hall, their painters, and the school of painting to which they belonged, and being tested on them very early in ones entry into the school? The frightening School Meetings on a Sunday morning (I always had a headache on Sundays!). Lily, Miss Le Sage's fearsome maid who insisted that we washed down to our waists every morning in the cold water on our washstands (sometimes there was ice on the top!). She always knew if we hadn't and made us undress again under her watchful eye! The "woman with the tusks" in the back regions of the Ballachulish Hotel, who frightened us all to bits! - Pam Wood will remember her particularly, and I have a painting of her done by Pam in my autograph book to this day!

I must stop rambling - thank you for the wonderful web site - I wish I had known about it sooner.

Best wishes,

Pam Harrison (nee Critchley)


Letter from Messody Azagury (1954-56)

I was amazed to re discover Tortington Park. It was in fact my niece who put me onto it after reading the letters that my sister had written from Tortington in 1947!! Her name: Esther Azagury.

I was at Tortington 1954 - 1956, 2 years in the Study Circle. With me were Julia Wylam (with whom I am in close contact) Alice Falquier who was Head Girl, Elizabeth Loundes, Fay ..., Viv Bailey, Irelene Boston and of course many others ... I don't remember their names.

I left Tortington to go to the Royal Academy of Music where I studied piano and oboe. I live in London where I was married 47 years ago!!! If anyone would like to get in touch with me I will be delighted. Name: Messody Adler (nee Azagury), Tel 020 8205 3220 or 07711565624.

Messody Azagury....E-mail:


Letter from Niki Bartman (1957 ish)

Last night I dreamed of Tortington Park (to coin a phrase!) and of Miss Cox who used to teach us English but who left unexpectedly suddenly in 1957 - allegedly to do a psychology course at London University. I didn't particularly like English (and went on to do science with Miss Cobley in the Study Circle) but Miss Cox was the best teacher I have ever had ... and I should love to be able to tell her that now that we are all grown up.

When I finally finished with formal education (albeit temporarily) Miss Cobley took me out to tea at the Dorchester Hotel and got me to join her London club (University Women's Club in Audley Square). In the course of a very smart afternoon, she told me that Miss Cox had been "invited to leave" Tortington following an indiscretion with our French mistress (as I understood it, it was Mrs Taylor, the First Form mistress and scripture teacher, who told on them).

Since then I have often thought about Miss Cox and very much wanted to tell her how wonderful she was. She made English come alive for all of us. She was the best teacher in the school. We loved her but were too little and ignorant to know how to tell her. I hope she will one day read this message, but don't know how to include it on your website and so must ask you to please do so for me.

Niki Bartman - Tel: 0207 602 4599. E-mail:


Letter from Carole Evans (1960 - 1961)

I did enjoy reading all the news from the old girls. My name is Carole Evans and I was in class of 61 but I left before the summer term started. I had to get out my autograph book to check on some of the names which I had found on the website. We used to write stories or draw a picture, and luckily I had attached a photograph to each name, so I was able to remember Anne Benedict (who wrote four pages) and Vivien Freeman.

My friends were Diane Abbot, Joanna Wright, Susan Salomonsen, Francine Clark, Janet Holloway, Liz McClure. We all used to meet up for a while, but once we got married we drifted apart. Francine Clark was the only person I kept in touch with, she was my bridesmaid and I was her Matron of Honour, but sadly Francine died about 15 years ago with cancer. I am sure a lot of the girls will remember her playing the piano at the morning prayers, and also her duets with Carol Daniels.

I live in Canterbury with my second husband David, although I do not have any children my husband has 3, and I known them since they were young children. We enjoy playing golf, but now I am a fair weather golfer and do not play in the winter unless I go to warmer climates. Email:

Here are a couple of photographs.

1960 Francine Clark, Diane Abbot,
Susan Salomonsen, Joanne Wright and Carole Evans

Francine Clark and Vanessa Lorenz 1960


Letter from Jane Cameron (1946 - 1948)

I've just finished reading your great website on Tortington Park School . Congratulations !

The website says that you are seeking news of old girls..Well...I am a REALLY old girl and my name is Jane Landers [nee CAMERON]. My Scottish/English parents lived in Sydney Australia [My family still lives here] and when we were visiting the UK shortly after WW2 my father decided that I should finish my schooling in England. I did'nt agree with this but nevertheless I came to Tortington Park when it opened in 1946.

I was put into the blue study circle and did the School Certificate in December "46 and the Higher School Certificate [as it was then] in July '48. I was captain of Howard House.

Believe it or not, I still have my school reports, so I can enlighten you as to some of teachers of that time. Obviously there were many more plus various "carers?' of whom I only really remember "Cally" a Miss Callahan I think.

The Principal, of course, was Miss Le Sage and the Headmistress was Miss G. R. Bevan throughout my stay. There were various changes during my time so my list in in chronological order.

English D. Horne, D. Welply, D. Brooks, L. Wells French Y. de.Guycuro
Maths M. loftus, G. Skilton Biology M. Neilan
Art D.Wynn Cornish, H. Cotton, F.Woolcumbe Gym A. Alsen, M.Read
Music J.Hopkins Piano O. Davies, J. Allen
Scripture E Taylor Golf J. Perring, P. Haywood
Fencing I Schaeffer Archery D. Wynn Cornish
Riding D. Ward, G. Wolleston Matron G.Bibby, M.Lucas.

I returned to Sydney, Australia in July '48. I married John Landers [ now deceased] in 1954 and have two daughters, Susan and Roberts and three grandsons, Saxon[12] Lachlan[8] and William[7].

I wonder if any of my contemporaries have been in touch or would like to be in touch with me.?? I particularly remenber Jane Baylis, Angela Blundell-Ince, Daphne Lester and "Biffer' Brown.

All the best,


Letter from Jane Farrer (1962 - 1967)

I was at TP from 1962 until 1967, I'm afraid that I was not one of its star pupils by along way, in fact if I had a reputation at all it was for of being rather stroppy and not full of school spririt etc. In fact after I left I swore that I would never have anything to do with the school again. I did keep in touch with a few friends for a while but until the end of last year 2001 I stuck ridgedly to this.

I dropped out of both a secretarial college and teacher training. I ended up working at the Daily Express for several years in advertising, marketing and desk research. I also worked at NOP/MORI as research exec and then demoted myself to running all their interviewers in London and South Eastern home counties.

I married in 1974 and after many years of fertility treatment I "retired" in 1986 to have my son, who is now 15. For the past two years I have been working part-time, currently at Axa doing a rather boring but non stressful job. My son has chosen to go to boarding school and is now in his second year at Tonbridge, boarding seems to be far more enjoyable and socialable nowdays.

I married Guy Anthony (a barrister) who in 1998 became one of the Judges based at Lewes. There are regular Judical services held at Lewes for the great and the good of Sussex. About once every 4 years a service is held at Chichester when the judges parade around in there long bottom wigs, tights etc. As the current High Sherrif of West Sussex is a Catholic, the service this year was held in Arundel. It is believed that it might be the first Judical Service to be held in a catholic cathedral since the reformation! Although I don't usually attend these services I thought it would be interesting to go back to the old school and have a look and also see if I could get in touch with some friends.

I am not a catholic so I only went into the cathedral once or twice during my time at school. I seem to remember a dark and dingy place with lots of neon lights hanging down. The cathedral has recently been renovated and is quite stunning with the vaulted ceiling beautifully lit. Anyone who remembers it from the 1960's really ought to go and have a look.

After the service, at a very lavish reception in the Baron's Hall in Arundel Castle. I think that from time to time members of the Study Circle were asked to help out at receptions in the Baron's Hall at the castle, that too has benefitted from a "make over" and is now looking very beautiful, particularly the two majestic fireplaces. There must have been at least 300-400 people attending and it didn't feel crowded! It was at the reception that I met a lady who knew Mrs Davis and Mrs Vincent very well, she told me that she visits Mrs Davis in her rest home virtually every week. This lady is the clerk to one of the Judges at Chichester and I could get in touch with her. Also through the Friends Reunited Website I have got in touch with Karen Brown a contempory who only lives about a mile away. Karen is much more school spirited than me and has got quite a number of names and addresses from the reunion.

As we were in Arundel, we went and looked around one of the flats in the Laundry Yard, at the school, that was for sale, rather overpriced for what it was we thought. However, I had forgotten how attractive the grounds were especially the hazel walk. My husband commented on the icy blast coming from the lacrosse pitches. Some things never change. I hope that the rather plush looking new town houses with the views over Arundel are well insulated. My memories of a year in the library block is of a perpetual force nine gale both inside and out.

I am pleased to here that Miss Lishman is still going strong, please give her my regards. I suspect that she might be quite amused to find that one of her less public spirited pupils has ended up a pillar of the commutity, albeit through marriage!

Yours ............Jane Anthony (nee Farrer) E-mail:

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tortington park tortington park tortington tortington park tortington tortington park tortington park

Letter from Gillian Baxendell (1964 - 1969)

Just checking in as another "old girl" - Gilli Baxendell (Anne's sister). I saw you had news of Susie & Callie Draycott who were both in my year so if you have any others please let me know.

Married with a now 17 year old daughter, was living in Lagos, Nigeria then St Paul, France now back in London.

Our year was just doing "O" Levels when the school closed so we never quite made it to the Study Circle.

Just to show what a small world it is, I discovered my daughter was in a class with Sheila Morris's daughter - Sheila couldn't believe anyone could ever possibly have heard of her old school.....!

Regards.............Gillian George (nee Baxendell) E-mail:

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tortington park tortington park tortington tortington park tortington tortington park tortington park

Letter from Shelley Lewis (1962 - 1967)

I have just heard from Anne Baxendell who said you knew everything there is to know about TP since we left!! I'm sorry to see from your notes about Miss Allen. She was my house mistress, Fitzalan, if I remember correctly and I was House Captain for a while!

By the way, I'm married to (old girl) Susie Stanton's cousin. We ran into her unexpectedly in a resaurant on our first date! Small world isn't it? I have a son at Leeds University studying Civil Engineering and another son who is off to University in September - that is so long as he stays off the computer long enough to pass his A-levels!!

I live in northwest London, always have... I do see some of the old TP faces around but I think Friends Reunited is a fantastic idea. I've caught up with some of the girls that I haven't spoken to for years. I do wish I'd known about the last reunion. I heard about it from Anne Baxendell and read the TP website newspaper cutting. Judging by the stills photos, the place looks immaculately kept. I never fully appreciated what a beautiful building it really was.

I was friendly with Amanda Forbes, Julia Fuller, Angela Edgar etc. but I haven't seen any of them for years. I see MTS has joined tonight. Were you there when she used to play 'Jerusalem' on the piano for prayers? It was riveting stuff!

Shelley Stanton (nee Lewis) E-mail:

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tortington park tortington park tortington tortington park tortington tortington park tortington park

News of Judy, Tricia and Lynne Campbell from Tricia & Lynne

I must get Lynne to have a look at the Website as she features there. She is in the black and white photo at the backleft standing in the doorway. If you manage to find Sandy Ford, I too would love to hear from her as she and I were great friends at school.

I haven't seen Carol Middleton for donkeys years. I was at Rita's funeral - she and my sister Judy were great friends and we often visited them when travelling between Hull (where we lived) and the Wirral(where my grandmother and cousins lived). It seems such a long time ago! Sadly Judy was widowed last September.

I have two daughters both working in London and living in the same Bedfordshire village. Karen (30) was married last September and Sara (28) is sharing a house with her boyfriend. We see them as often as possible, but not often enough!

Colin (my second husband) is Bridgwater born and bred and his children (4) and their families all live nearby. We have (he has!) 6 grandchildren which are a delight.

My younger sister, Lynne, is living near Oxford. She and Richard have two children, Katie now 25 and James who will be 21 in August.

Have you heard form anyone else?

Cheers..........Trisha Brown (formerly Lean, nee Campbell) E-mail:

My sister Tricia ‘Campbell’ gave me your very good and interesting TP web site which I have been browsing through with great interest. I don’t know if this is of any help but the photo outside a classroom I feel was most probably ’61 and the only names I an put to faces are myself top left (can’t see who is behind) ? ? ?, next row: ? Margaret Lindsey, Judy D Vinna Lane, next row: Jo Mears(?) ? Henny Halstead, Sue Thorpe, Carolyn Essen ?, front row, Toppa Gardam, Tina Whittome. You most probably know all this, but I thought I would pass it on as names kept leaping at me during work today!!

The last I heard of Janie Shuttleworth was that she was to marry one Michael Strange who we knew as Stewart Strange in Anglesey where we all went for our holidays as children. I also shared a flat with his sister at one stage. I have a feeling that ‘Janie’ changed her name but I cant remember what to.

My husband is now retired and tends his garden, carves wooden fishes and is writing his life story. I still work for a Market Research company in Oxford (in the offices not stopping people in the street!) Which I have been doing since our youngest James went to prep school. He is now in his third year at Uni doing a Masters course in Systems Engineering. Katie, our first born has just qualified as an accountant after 6 years of long and hard exams.

Back to school. I would love to find out about Diana Walsh as was. I saw quite a lot of her when I lived in London, but lost touch.

All the best..........

Lynne Waldron (nee Campbell) E-mail: Waldron

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tortington park tortington park tortington tortington park tortington tortington park tortington park

News from Anne Benedict

When I was at Tortington Park, my name was Anne Benedict, it is now Birnhak. I live in Wandsworth, London and have been divorced for more than 12 years. I have two children, Laura (36) and Martin (34).

This October I will be 58 - can you believe it? My sister, Joey found your site and I have read almost every word on it - fascinating stuff.

I enclose a photo taken with Joey over Christmas 2002 (The photo is on the "Then and Now" page - Anne is on the right wearing a pink sweater). It is not particularly flattering of either of us but the photos taken at Laura's wedding are much better (See below).

The only people that I can remember were Pooky Marks and Vanessa Lorenz. Vanessa worked for more than 20 years with her mother, in the family millinery business. She has recently started her own company which sells curly garden hoses, the type that can't develop crinkles when you are using them.

My story is long and complicated but I have now almost retired from journalism and have created a tiny, walled town garden that is open to the public, (on specific days throughout the year.) I am passionate about plants and have crammed over 1000 different varieties into a 21' ft square, postage stamp space. It looks a bit like a jungle.

Joey lives in Colorado, USA. with her second husband. She is a talented Interior Decorator and works for many prestigious clients, worldwide.

Anyway, I've had great fun reading about all the teachers and girls. Keep up the good work.

Kind regards

Anne Birnhak (Benedict)

Anne with her daughter, Laura (above)

and Joey with Laura (right)

and Joey Benedict

I married at 18 and popped out 2 lovely girls right away. Wendy is 34 and works for a fabric mill. Gail is 32 and is a Psychiatrist. Lord knows, we need one in the family.
I went through adolescence at 34 and took off on various adventures ending up with a new husband and becoming a ski bum in Steamboat Springs Colorado 15 years ago.
I have been in the restaurant business in London and in the States. We had a Russian vodka bar called Gorky Park on both Continents. I have also been an interior designer and soft furnishing manufacturer most of the last 35 years.
Mark and I live in Colorado and are moving to France in the spring.
We are taking our 3 dogs and 2 Tennessee Walking horses with us. We plan to have a small breeding operation near Limoges. We want to be nearer to my Grandson who is 8 months old and the apple of my eye.
The website is cool. I am going to check it out better this evening.

Kind regards,
Joey Kay (Benedict)

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tortington park tortington park tortington tortington park tortington tortington park tortington park

News from Belinda Shewell

I have just finished looking at the Tortington website that you have created and thoroughly enjoyed it and had lots of old memories brought back.

I was at the school from 1954 - 1963 and remember it as a very happy period in my life, especially on the sports side. My greatest sadness now, is that after all the years spent there, I am not in touch with one of my peers and strangly only a very few of them are mentioned on the website ie. Liz Bellamy, Carol Daniel and Sarah Hubbard ( and these have no contact names or addresses), though most of the names are familiar. I wonder where they all are?

Through Friendships Reunited I have recently made contact with Sarah MacDonald who is also living in Cape Town and we are due to meet for lunch on Wednesday armed with our photo albums!

In a nut shell, when I left Tortington I went straight to St Mary's Hospital in Paddington to do Physio. This however was short lived and I changed to nursing at the same hospital and qualified in 1968. I followed this with an operating theatre course also at St Mary's and specialised in arterial, orthopaedic and ENT surgery. Apart from a brief spell at the Charnley Hip Replacement Hospital near Manchester, I remained at St Mary's until I left by ship with my little Mini Clubman for South Africa in 1973. My intention was to spend 2 years nursing in Rhodesia, but I met Dennis (a junior deck officer on the ship and now my husband) on the way out and things didn't turn out quite according to plan! I did drive up to Rhodesia, taking 3 months to do so, but only spent about 5 months there before returning to Cape Town, first to work at Groote Schuur and then at a private hospital that specialsed in Charnley Hip Replacements.

Dennis and I were married in England in 1976 and have lived in Cape Town since. We have 2 youngsters, Jonathan (nearly 24) who is in the IT website design and multimedia business and Penelope (21) who is about to start the 3rd year of her Social Work degree at the University of Cape Town. I get over to the UK fairly often to see my Mother and sister who live in Devon.

Keep up with your good work on the website which I am sure is enjoyed by many and if you hear the whereabouts of any of my peers, please put them in touch with me as I would love to hear from them.

Best wishes,

Belinda Henwood (nee Shewell)

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tortington park tortington park tortington tortington park tortington tortington park tortington park

News from Feona Bardwell

What fun to look at the photographs on the site and remember the good times we had and the friendships shared. Notice you have a ghastly picture of me in a group - I'd better update you with what has happened to me since I left TP.

Well, after TP, Lissy (Felicity Wright) and I found our way to a 6th Form college in Edinburgh where we were able to continue to cause mayhem and consternation to all the authority figures around us. If Tortington taught us anything (and it didn't manage much for me), it was how be a rebel. What fun we had! Sadly we have lost contact with each other so if anyone knows where she is, I'd love to hear. Last seen by Anne Benedict on a beach in Monte Carlo... that's my girl!

Since being told quite firmly by old 'Bev' that I wouldn't even get a job as a "loo cleaner at Victoria Station", I've done remarkably well and seemingly exceeded all expectations. After Edinburgh, I did the usual London 'deb and Sloane' bit because it seemed like fun at the time; worked as a legal secretary for a few months until I met up with a show biz crowd and went into pop management. After two years of hard slog and hard play I was a burned out wreck so went off into the sunset on a Mediterranean island with a delicious naval officer. That episode over, I found myself in Germany partying and exercising polo ponies with no less than 5 of HM's best regiments until I ended up on my backside, semi-paralysed and with 17 fractures of the spine! It took a year to get over all of that, and somewhat miraculously made a full recovery.

I'd reached the age of 22 and thought the time had come to settle down with a proper job so went off to Ibiza for 3 years as the Area Manager for an upmarket villa company... a great job (even if not everyone's idea of a proper job!), a hedonistic lifestyle, and a wonderful experience. I came away having made lots of wonderful friendships that have endured to this day, and I learned to speak Spanish! As for Ibiza, it remains one of my most favourite places...... a second home.

After Ibiza, I spent a year travelling in the Far East, part of which was spent teaching cooking in Hong Kong (oh yes! I did do a cookery course after Edinburgh). A spell in London was followed by working in Portugal (back to the travel business) until the revolution in April 1974. All the ex-pats were kicked out so back to London where I started my first tour operating company. Married an Army Officer, packed in the business and became an Army wife.

Two great children arrived (now 25 and 21), Hugh left the Army and we came back to London where I started another travel business from home. This turned into a rather large company affair, which was enormously satisfying and wonderful fun, but it took its toll... 12 years travelling and working 16-20 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week whilst also running a home and a family single-handed having drifted apart from my husband (though we never bothered with a divorce and are still friends)! I think the only way I survived and kept myself going was by being pampered with two hour weekly sessions of Reiki and Reflexology for two years!

In 1997, I was made an offer for the company that I could not have refused... three years after that (having worked for the contracted time after the sale), I resigned as MD, became Marketing Director for a while before making a dash for freedom.

How things have changed! I've been through a period of ill-health in that my body finally rebelled against all the stress and abuse, but I'm getting stronger everyday thanks to a very enlightened specialist that sent me to heal myself with acupuncture, homeopathy, reflexoloy and Reiki instead of putting me on a horrendous course of steroid treatment (the only other alternative), which would have turned me into an old woman over the last year.

Now I have Reiki myself so can heal others; I go to art classes, play with paint brushes and cameras (this is the girl that could not draw a match stick man!), and write travel articles. Currently, working with a well-known travel writer on a rather special project. After that, who knows... but I have a dream. I'd like to set up a magical retreat where people that are still living at a ferocious pace can come and learn to manage things differently. I think I have the experience to make a difference...

All a very long way to where we all started... and, I never did manage to find that job as a loo cleaner! Hey, guess what... I have no regrets!

Currently living in Clapham, London but spend more and more time elsewhere - Scotland (parental home), France where we have a house and are doing up a farmhouse, Andalucia in Spain where I'm looking for the perfect place for the retreat, and the Caribbean where I still work from time to time and enjoy wonderful holidays with friends.

It would be great to hear from others...

All the best .................... Feona

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tortington park tortington park tortington tortington park tortington tortington park tortington park

E-mail from Pamela Levison

Dear Janet,

Firstly, just wanted to thank you for organising the lunch on Thursday (2003). I really enjoyed meeting you all again. It was a great shame that more could not have been there. Never mind, it was good to hear everyone's news and also news of some of those not present.

Secondly, I wondered if you would mind very much printing two photos of our year on the website. The reason being that none of the larger groups have me in it and I think the photo with three of us - Sue Genders, Lucy Leveson and myself studying and sunbathing (which of course was forbidden!) is quite evocative of our time there.

The class photo is on the Class Photos page.

Regards: Pamela Marenbach (nee Levison) E-mail:

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tortington park tortington park tortington tortington park tortington tortington park tortington park
E-mail from Babs Chown

I was the American (still am!!) who had a younger sister (still do) called Pamela who might even have been in your form or the one above? I came in the 5th form in 1960 and some of my peers were Judy Pullar, Vicky Matheson, Pat Sockett, Frankie (Linda) Kitson, Carol Daniels, Jackie Bartman, Belinda Shewell, etc.

Alex Farrow (nee Babs Chown)

Dear Janet
Many thanks for the info on Pat Sockett. I think that was the last I heard as well. The last reunion I was at was in 1982 in Little Venice (London) at one of the Pugh sisters houses.
I keep in touch with Vivien Freeman (now Viv Dugdale) who has 3 grown up daughters and is a grandmother. She lives in Hassocks in Sussex.
I see that Sarah MacDonald is now in South Africa. I am not sure if you were there with her: she was only there for one year in my 1st year at TP (1960-1961).
Angela Goschalk (Baum now) lives in Bristol and is a successful artist and has 4 grown up sons. She lost her husband (Professor of paediatrics at Bristol University about 4 years ago, aged 59. He was doing a bike ride for charity between the Royal Palaces (Buckingham to Sandringham bit of the ride. You might even have read about it). When I was in Bristol I did see a bit of her both academically and socially, but like with so many things, life puts a lot in our path so there is not time for everything.
Jackie Bartman works in London as an interior designer and has a daughter at Bristol University.
Would have liked to find out about Judy Pullar. Keep in touch if you have any more news.

My 3 children came before my present academic career. I started my MSc (in Cardiff) when Ben was 5 and then when we went to Bristol I began a PhD which was finished in 1995 (the subject was the epidemiology of miscarriage with respect to womens exposures). Since 1997 my husband's job brought us back to London and I have been working as a senior lecturer at Brunel. The MSc course I run is very partial to older students who have worked and have major life experiences especially in the field of health & safety managment.

Have a good Xmas (2003)
Alex Farrow (Babs Chown) E-mail:
PS. I always was Alexandra but never used the name until University

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tortington park tortington park tortington tortington park tortington tortington park tortington park
E-mail from Julia Taylor

I have lived and worked in the Caribbean Island of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles for the past thirty years, but my memories of The Study and Tortington Park are still very vivid. I would very much like to get in touch with anyone who went to school with me at the same time. The Savoy Hotel offered me my first job at the princely sum of 7 pounds and 10 shillings a week!

There is a photo of my class on the Photo Gallery page.

Julia Taylor (left 1958)

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tortington park tortington park tortington tortington park tortington tortington park tortington park
E-mail from Joey Whimster

I keep up regularly with Mouse, MTS, Genders, Biddy Tucker, Mary Scott, Nut & Topsy. The first 4 and Mary Scott came over to Cyprus in 1999 for my 50th which was a hilarious time. Topsy & Nut have also come over to stay with me in Cyprus and I called in and visited Topsy in Austria in 2001 when Biddy Tucker & I drove from Cyprus to the UK and back – quite an adventure!

I was living in Bahrain until 3 years ago but am now resident in Cyprus and each time I return to the UK for a visit I try to meet up with the first 4 girls, mentioned above. In July I visited Scottie in Jersey and met up with my godson, her middle son, whom I haven’t seen in years. We had a good time and caught up on all the gossip, etc.

Keep up the good work and if I can help in any way, let me know. Must fish out some photos and try to send them through to you.

All the best,

Joey Heath (nee Whimster). E-mail:

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E-mail from Sarah Shaw

I have registered on friendsreunited site having launched into the 21st century and remember you as the girl I used to give burnt offerings to through the window of the domestic science room after cookery lessons! I also remember seeing you at the Boat Show in Earl's Court one year. I am living with my husband and dog in Dawlish Devon. I don't recognise any of the names of the girls who left Tortington in 1961 and yours was the only name I remembered.

Having found the TPS website I found it most interesting. However, the only name I recognised was Anne Benedict who was in my year. I have sent her a long e-mail today so hope I will get a reply. Will try and dig out a form photo that I know I still have somewhere - the only problem being I didn't like the look of myself and cut my face out of it - I was always doing naughty things like that!

Thanks for your help.

Best wishes
Sarah Lamb (nee Shaw) E-mail:

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E-mail from Pauline Griller
ttington park tortington tortiHi -- I was at Tortington Park School from 1955 until 1961 -- I would love to find out what has happened to In 1977 I came to Washington DC and worked at the British Embassy for 4 years. Then in 1981 I moved down to the World Bank where I worked for 20 years before retiring in February 2001. I still come back and do consulting work from time to time.

In 1988 I married an American and we live in Silver Spring, MD -- the suburbs of Washington DC. No children -- but two cats -- Buddy and Cookie.

I turned 60 in August and was very interested to read about Ann Benedict and her sister on the Tortington Park website. I would be very interested if there is another Old Girls' Reunion -- I try and get back to London to visit my family at least once a year.

My home address is:
1011 Robin Road, Silver Spring, MD 20901

Tel No: 301-681-5091

Looking forward to hearing from you --

Pauline Griller-Mitchell (formerly Pauline Griller) E-mail:

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