I WAS AT THE SCHOOL FROM 1955 UNTIL 1964 and these people were Staff at some time..... This list was compiled in 1998 so apart from Miss Allen, I have not changed anything since then.

Miss Allen (Lambeth) - Private Piano & Violia/in & House Mistress. DIED Wed ??/12/01

Miss Benham - Art. DIED just before final TP re-union

Miss Bevan - Head Mistress. DIED Mon 30/3/98

Miss Bintenshaw - craft (56-57) ?

Nurse Blaney - doled out the medicine. DIED some years ago

Miss Cairns - Latin (61) now lives in Haywards Heath - travels abroad

Nurse Chick - doled out the medicine. DIED some years ago

Miss Cobley - Science. DIED years and years ago

Mrs. Crawford - Games/Tennis (59-61) Lives in Barnham

Miss Cronwright - Maths (63)

Mrs. Davis - Dancing. Lives in Arundel recently given up keep-fit classes

Miss Doyle - Latin & Junior English (59-61). Married and now lives in the West Country

Nurse Dunn - nursed in Sanitorium. DIED

Miss Emery - Voice Production (55-57)

Mrs. Eyles - Maths (61). DIED

Miss Finey - Arithmetic (61-62)

Miss Fitzgerald - English/Drama (62-63)

Miss Frazer - Domestic Science (from 57) & House Mistress. DIED in Ireland

Miss Goodwin - Music Appreciation (57)

Miss Grain - English (61)

Miss Hayward - Golf, later School Secretary (Old Girl). Married, now Riddiford

Miss Hetherington (Me, Miss Hetherington & I) - non-teaching. DIED

Miss Joslin - Voice Production (57-58)

Miss Kennedy-Mullay - Singing (58-64). Married, now Corcoran, lives in Bognor, has two children. Recently became a grandmother

Miss Le Sage - Founder, Head Mistress and Principal of T.P. Lived until she was over 90.

Miss Lishman - French (61-64). Living in Arundel

Miss Lovegrove - French (59-60). Married, now O'Mahoney, lives in Hove, has 4 daughters

Miss Mackridge - Matron. DIED

Miss McLoughlin - Biology & House Mistress. DIED in Ireland

Miss Meyer - Geography / Junior History. DIED IN 1962 when I was at the school

Miss Mitchell - Arithmetic (62)

Miss Mowat - English (63)

Miss Murray - Shorthand/Typing. DIED just before Christmas 1997

Miss Nucator - Music Appreciation & private Cello (57-64). DIED Sun 29/3/98 in Fontwell

Miss Osborne - Games/Tennis (58-59). Married, now Swift, lives in Selsea

Miss Paul - Craft (55)

Miss Phillips - Music Appreciation & private Piano (55-56). Lives in Exeter

Miss Rickard - Gymnastics & Dancing (55-56)

Mr. Riseborough - Golf

Miss Robertson - Voice Production (58). Married, living in Israel

Mrs. Schaeffer - Fencing

Mrs. Shackles - Gymnastics & Dancing (57-58)

Miss Sheeran - Senior History (from 61) & House Mistress. Still living in 1998

Miss Straughier - School Secretary (Old Girl). Married, now living in Canada. She along with her husband John were deported from Lebanon in 1966 because some radical students at the American University of Beirut took offence at a required reading that was set for his class - the reading was from Summa Theologica by St. Thomas Acquinas! They are both retired now and live in West Vancouver, B.C., where she was the director of the Administrative and Professional Staff Association at Simon Fraser University and her husband was a history professor also at SFU. They have two daughters and one grand-daughter.

Nurse Sura - put us to bed mainly

Mrs. Taylor - Arithmetic/Scripture - Prep Staff. DIED years ago

Mrs. Vincent - Piano Player for Mrs. Davis (55-64). Lived in Arundel until she died in October 2001- well over 90.

Mrs. Waring - Tennis (55-64). Lives in Worthing

Mrs. Williams - French (55-56). Married, now Elliott, lives in Bosham

Miss Whitfield - Drama. Went to live in Greece at one time.

All the above information was gleaned from Joyce Lambeth and Val Lishman. I did not know all of them