These photographs were taken Summer 2001, the builders had finished a lot more by Spring 2002, with most of the apartments finished except for their own gardens.

Come with me on a journey through the school grounds. The photographs are in the order as we go through the gate and up the drive, standing at the front door and turning right round then off down to the little Church round behind the Oak Hall to the Pet Garden by the Kitchens and Golf Course then going out again.

If you want to see a larger photograph, click on the picture when the hand appears. Four of the pictures are "mouse over" and click - this is mentioned when you reach them.
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Entering the gates.
The Lodge by the gate.
The side showing the Green Lounge and Study Circle Lounge windows.
Recognise the Front Entrance?

Here is the Front Entrance again, looking through an arch where the apartment dustbins are now kept.

You are now facing the gym, with the Laundry just round the corner on the right. The white corner on the left is the Dispensary.
This is opposite the laundry which the American College had built on. It was where we used to hang our swimming costumes on the wires to dry and where the Art Room was.
This is the Laundry and the white building, end on, on the right, was the Typing Pool.

The Typing Pool is now on the left of the picture. The scaffolding is where the alterations to the building were going on, to the area of the Music Hall & Library.

Mouse over the picture and click and you have the finished article.

This was the Piano Practise Rooms below, with the Library and Study Circle Classroom above.

Mouse over and click here also if you want to see a larger version....

A little further round towards the Golf Course but still with the scaffolding where the Music Hall & Library used to be and looking towards the Golf Course.

Mouse over and click here too....

Looking towards the Swimming Pool.

This is the last Mouse over plus click....

Looking towards the Tennis Courts, tall trees (which are not there) facing the drive as if we were about to go out and leave but I am going to keep going round and face towards the Sanatorium.
Facing the San and about to start our trip. The very edge of the front of the building is on the right of the picture.
Here is the old San which has not as yet had anything done to it.
Looking round the back towards the Square and West Wing.
A closer look round the behind the Green Lounge and across the Square, many of times which I had to walk around as punishment, towards the West Wing and 4th and 5th Classrooms.
This is the path towards Tortington Church. It has been cleared a lot but do you remember all the rooks that congregated in the trees above and Farmer Luckin who shot them. We would save them, ring them and release them.
Bluebells are still in the woods.
I still think of Mary Lynham. This is nearly 50 years ago. I was only about 10 at the time she was electrocuted. She tripped over a wire from a gramophone when she got out of the pool after a synchronized swimming practise and put the plug back into the wall. Someone is still putting flowers on her grave.
Here is the tiny Tortington Church. Tortington only has a Church and a Farm. There are no shops and the people living in the old school will have to go into Arundel as their local village or Chichester for their nearest Town.
This was a notice on the way back out of the Churchyard. Someone had scrawled "We were here first" just under the Tortington Manor heading.
From the Churchyard you can just see the new block of the school that the American College had built on.
Here is the pond. There were no mosquitos the day I was here!!
Here you can clearly see the American College's additional building, between the Teeth-Cleaning and Secretary's Office. We are viewing it from the Outdoor Theatre.
The door to the Teeth-Cleaning area is just visible in the corner of the building on the left.
Same as above but looking at the West Wing where the "fire escape" has now itself escaped completely.
With your back to the school, this is looking towards the House / Tulip Gardens which would have been behind the trees but is now covered mainly in uneven grass and garages.
Still with your back to the school you can see the gardens in all their glory looking towards the pond - and still being looked after.
As above but looking directly at the outdoor theatre. Trouble is, there is a tree slap bang in the middle of the stage. Remember the Shakespeare Plays that were acted out here?
Looking towards the woods between the San and the Church - and about to move on.
This is outside the Oak Hall and surrounding classrooms, the other side of the West Wing and almost facing the House / Tulip gardens.
Left of the Oak Hall and facing the 3rd year Classrooms with the West & Bronze Wings above.
This is the 1st year and Preps Classrooms with the Bronze Wing above.
Now we are facing the Preps Classroom and the New Biology Lab which was built between the end of the school building and the Chapel.
The two blocks are the old Pet Garden with the Chapel to the left of them.
This IS the Pet Garden! Unfinished at the time I took these pictures.
From the Pet Garden and standing at the edge of the Kitchens looking towards the Games Field.
A little further forward, looking towards Arundel and across the Ha-Ha Wall, which we used to hide behind, out of the cold winds, and view of the staff when we came out to play Netball.
We are now facing back towards the Kitchens on the right and the Dining Hall on the left, with the Staff Wing above.
This takes you to the end of the building where the Music Hall and Library used to be, past the Science and Domestic Science Labs with "Library Block" Dormitories above.
This is the other side of the Kitchens and Dining Hall now with a way through to the Practise Rooms. The back of the Laundry Block is opposite this building on the right.
This is the back of the Laundry Block and also where we used to throw our shoes to be cleaned on a Saturday morning.
I have now walked between the two blocks and am facing the old Tennis Court area, ready to get into my car and leave, down the Drive.
Now we are leaving, we are facing the way I began the trip. I hope it has been a good trip for you and brought back some good memories.
This was where the Tennis Courts were, on the left, going down the drive. It is now all garages and the tall pine trees have all gone..
Leaving the premises with the For Sale hoardings. Do you want to buy one? There is a page with all the details but they only had two left during the Spring of 2002!!
A beautiful day and a good view of Arundel from the gates. But I haven't finished yet. I am going to turn right out of the drive, then right again a few hundred yards up the road, into the back road which passes behind the Chapel and Pet Garden - along where we used to have to "walk" during 'Games'.
This is down the back road. You can see the West Wing from the road quite easily now but the garden, just in front here, is the garden belonging to the Chapel which is now someone's home.
Make these four picture a little larger and you can see what they have in the garden.
All very attractive. You can just see the Chapel on the far left of the picture.
The Americans turned the Chapel into a Theatre and painted the inside completely black. I think I like this better.
This last picture is just some wild flowers right next to the pillar box outside the back of the Kitchens. And here we say "goodbye" as I drive past Lahdi's Cottage and the Farm, from where some of you used to have riding lessons, away between fields of bright yellow rape, along a very narrow road, much smaller than ever I remember.