This is Tortington Manor

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The Turquoise blue, Manor House, is the original building - the junior dormitories. The Cambridge blue, New England Wing, is where the Study Circle rooms were and along by the teeth-cleaning washbasins. The Oxford blue, Norfolk Wing, is the area of the Oak Hall and classrooms off it. The same blue, Stable Courtyard, is the old Laundry. The very pale blue, Goodwood Wing, is the old Gym and surrounding locker area. The remaining blue, Arundel Wing, is the Dining Hall through to the Music Hall/Library - under construction when I went there last Autumn. The green blocks are garages and the fawn ones are parking bays. I'll investigate the Chapel House next time. The gardens, South Lawn, are still beautiful with the outdoor theatre (you remember, the bushes) still there and the pond.

Manor House Floor Plans
Nos: 2/3/4 = Ground Floor
Nos: 5/6/7 = First Floor
No: 1 = Ground & First
Norfolk Wing Floor Plans
Nos: 1/2/3 = Ground Floor
Nos: 4/5/6 = First Floor
Nos: 7/8 = Second Floor